Professional male strippers in Bunbury

There is a certain allure in becoming male strippers Bunbury. But most guys claim that its the money, girls and the good time that lures them into the business. 

Male stripping is unlike female stripping. For guys, it is on their own volition, and most of them really enjoy a routine. It’s a far off cry from the low-lit venue and sexual vulnerability attached to female stripping.  When it comes to taking off male’s clothes, they remain in charge. Beyond the looks, there is also a clear difference between the attitude of a male and between strippers. Here are a few tips on how you can convey professionalism and develop a better patron relationship as a male stripper. 

Go Along Well With Other Guys in the Club

It is the first rule when joining a male club. For starters, you should respect the regulars in the club you are applying at. You will spend some time bussing tables while topless before you are given a routine show on stage. While it may feel like you’re competing for tips, working in a club is so much cooler with you go along well with the other guys. You all have your type in women, and if you are friends, they can hook you up with clients that are your type. 

Don’t Steal Clients

While you remain friends with the guys in your club, there will be times that some guys will try to steal your patrons. For instance, you’re the one who’s always texting a client to drop by, and then the other guy starts inviting her to grab a bite and become more interested in watching him. Then the tips go to the other guy instead of you. Some guys play well with the team and respect your efforts, but there will also be those that step on everyone’s toes. And even when you are friends, this industry is still cutthroat, and you have to play the game better without resorting to such practices.